Insurance Agent/Broker and Adjuster Fee Schedule

Manitoba Regulation 73/93

Cheque or Money Orders are made payable to the "Insurance Council of Manitoba" and are only accepted in Canadian funds.

Fees are not pro-rated and must be paid in full.



- $110.00 - All classes of Licenses

- Exam fees must be paid prior to booking an examination.

- No personal cheques are accepted



Life Insurance Agent Licence

Accident & Sickness Insurance Agent Licence

General Insurance Agent/Broker Licence (all classes)

Insurance Adjusters Licence

 Hail Insurance Agents & Adjusters Licence

Restricted Insurance Agent Licence


Transfer, Amendment or Reinstatement

- $70.00 - For all Classes of Insurance


Continuing Education

Fees must be paid in advance and are not refundable

- Course Provider Accreditation Review - $200.00

- Individual Course Review - $50.00


List of Licensed Agents

- $150.00 - For all Classes of Insurance


Certificate of Authority / Non-Resident Endorsement Form, Duplicate Licence

- $70.00 - For all Classes of Insurance


Copies of or extracts from documents filed with or by the Superintendent, per page

- $1.00


Reinstatement of a licence after it is suspended under subsection 375(1) of The Insurance Act of Manitoba

- $250.00 - For all Classes of Insurance


NSF cheques

- $20.00 - Must be paid with Cash, Money Order or Certified Cheque