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Mission Statement

The Insurance Council of Manitoba is committed to serving and protecting the public by regulating insurance licensees under The Insurance Act of Manitoba and by ensuring that licensees act within a professional framework which promotes fair and ethical conduct, integrity and competence. 


The mandate of the Insurance Council of Manitoba is to act in the public interest to protect Manitoba consumers of insurance products, and to regulate agents, brokers and adjusters to ensure adequate standards are maintained for public protection. 

About Council

Council ensures adequate standards are established and maintained through its licensing and compliance functions. 

All applicants must satisfy Council they are suitable for licensing by demonstrating they are competent, trustworthy, financially reliable and intend to carry on the business of insurance in good faith and in accordance with the usual practice.    Council is responsible to ensure that education and experience requirements meet the minimum standards necessary to protect the public.  Licence holders must update Council on material information, and are required to maintain liability insurance and meet continuing education requirements on an ongoing basis. 

Council has the authority to discipline licensees or former licensees when there has been a breach of the Act, Regulations, Rules, or Code of Conduct.  Council also has standing to pursue unlicensed activity that contravenes any section of the Act. 

The Insurance Council of Manitoba is a delegated authority of the Superintendent of Insurance.  This delegated authority includes the power to issue or refuse a licence, attach limitations or conditions to a licence, cancel or suspend a licence, assess fines and costs, and to carry out investigations. 

The primary sources of revenue are licence and examination fees from the insurance industry.  44% of licence fees and 15% of examination fees are remitted to the Government of Manitoba on a quarterly basis. 

The Insurance Council of Manitoba includes three industry specific Councils. Two representatives from each of the industry Councils are selected to serve on the Manitoba Council which acts as the administrative arm and oversees the operation of the Insurance Council of Manitoba.

Members are appointed by the Minister of Finance for a three year term.  Each Council consists of six – nine persons, at least half of whom must be licensed.  All members appointed may be reappointed for one additional term of three years.

Click here to view a listing of Council Members –                             Insurance Council of Manitoba Councils 

The day-to-day operations of Council are carried out by full time staff
Click here to view a listing and contact information -                        Insurance Council of Manitoba Staff


The Insurance Council of Manitoba is the Regulatory Body responsible for the licensing and discipline of insurance agents, brokers and adjusters in the Province of Manitoba.

Council regulates insurance agents, brokers and adjusters in several ways. Council has established standards for applicants and licensees that will promote high standards of professionalism, competence and integrity in the insurance industry.

Council also has the authority to conduct investigations into the actions and/or conduct of insurance agents and adjusters in response to a complaint, and to come to a determination as to whether there has been a breach of any of the provisions of The Insurance Act of Manitoba, its Regulations, the Licensing Rules or the Insurance Councils Code of Conduct.

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Change in Criminal Record Check Requirements for Non-Resident Licence Applicants

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