Who Must Provide a Criminal Record Check?

Original Criminal record checks must accompany first applications for licensing that are received by Council. The requirement to provide verification of a criminal record applies to individuals seeking a general, life, A&S, or adjuster insurance licence, where: 

- the person has never held a licence with Council; OR
- the person has not held a general, life, A&S, or adjuster licence with Council within the past year; OR
- the person’s criminal history has changed since they last applied for a licence with Council.  

Individuals who are submitting renewal or transfer applications are not required to obtain criminal record checks unless, since the date of the last application, the individual has been convicted of a criminal offence, received a Conditional Discharge, or if the individual has been requested by Council to submit one.

How to apply for a criminal record check is outlined below. Regardless of where you reside (in Manitoba or outside of Manitoba), it can take some time to obtain this information so start the process early.

When completing your licence application, ensure you read the application instructions carefully, as you still have to disclose your criminal record and details on the application form.

Criminal Record Checks are only valid for six (6) months from the date of issue.

How to Apply for a Criminal Record Check

Important Note to Canadian residents:  Criminal record checks are not acceptable when issued through a third party provider. Checks must be completed directly through the applicant`s RCMP or municipal city police depending upon where the applicant resides.

Residents of Winnipeg: The Winnipeg Police Service is now offering residents of Winnipeg the ability to utilize an automated   online system for submitting Police Information Checks called ePIC. ePIC (the electronic Police Information Check online system) will allow applicants the convenience of applying online to submit their applications 24/7 from any location direct to the ICM. There is no paperwork required by applicants, and applicants can monitor the status of their application at any time through their own personal account.  Visit for more information.

Residents of rural Manitoba: Contact your local RCMP detachment in advance of your visit to determine the processing requirements, cost of the service, and hours the service is available in your jurisdiction.  

Residents of the United States: Residents of the United States are required to obtain two separate Criminal Record Checks from: 1) The Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI); and 2) the applicants home State police department.  Note:  criminal record checks cannot be completed through a third party provider, therefore, they are only acceptable to ICM when they are completed directly through the FBI and your State police department.

If the search indicates a criminal record may or may not exist, Council requires an original criminal record "printout" also known as a "Certified Criminal Record Check" (this is different from an initial criminal record check). Fingerprints would be required by the agency to complete this process. 

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