Continuing Education Definition - Life and Accident & Sickness

Continuing education for a Life and/or Accident and Sickness licensee must be directly related to life and accident and sickness insurance products or services, group insurance products or services, the operation of an insurance business, or a related discipline in the financial services industry provided the course includes an insurance component.

Life and Accident and Sickness agents must complete 15 CE credits for each licensing period (June 1st – May 31st); these credits must be accredited by Council.  One hour of qualifying activity is equivalent to one CE credit.   

For instructors, CE credits can be claimed annually for teaching / presenting time for insurance coursework.  A letter from your employer, or the organization for which you presented, attesting to your teaching / presenting activity is required.  The course must be completed through an Accredited Course Provider (ACP) as approved by the ICM, or individually approved by the ICM, and must be listed on the ICM website.

Compliance with insurance related legislation and regulatory requirements both Provincial (Manitoba) and Federal (e.g. Code of Conduct, the Insurance Act, Rules and Regulations, Privacy legislation, anti-terrorism or money laundering legislation, and replacement requirements) is acceptable and applicable towards the annual CE requirement.

Allowable Content:

Includes courses which address:

- Financial Planning
- Insurance Planning
- Estate Planning
- Tax Planning
- Retirement Planning
- Investment Planning
- Ethics

Courses for the following designations if the individual course is accredited or offered through an Accredited Course Provider (ACP) with the Insurance Council of Manitoba:

- Certified Financial Planner (CFP)
- Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU)
- Certified Health Insurance Specialist (CHS)
- Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA)
- Certified Agricultural Farm Advisor (CAFA)
- Elder Planning Counselor Designation (EPC)

Excluded Content:

Content excluded from allowable CE credits are programs based on:

- Promotion
- Motivation
- Computer training
- Selling skills
- How to maintain a client list
- Setting and meeting sales targets
- Prospecting including cold calls
- Recruiting clients
- Closing sales
- Motivational techniques and speeches
- Maintaining a positive self-image
- Personal needs fulfilment
- Personal goal setting for the organization
- Personal achievement and balanced living
- Personal betterment

Partial credits may be applicable to seminars that include the above noted subjects, provided that there is substantial content which relates directly to the CE Definition for Life and Accident & Sickness.

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