Continuing Education Notice

Continuing Education Definition
General and Auto Only Broker Licensees

The objective of continuing education is to improve and increase the ability of the general insurance agent to deliver a high quality of performance, keeping abreast of current and emerging developments in the insurance industry.

Continuing education must be directly related to knowledge relevant to giving advice about general insurance products or services, including the claims process, or the operation of a general insurance business. This includes programs which are structured for the specific purpose of educating and providing skills to agents to communicate insurance matters effectively.

The focus of an agent/broker seminar should be analysis of risk and the use of insurance products or loss prevention/reduction programs to minimize/reduce the potential damages.

The focus of a management seminar should be knowledge relevant to the operation of an insurance business.

Agent/Broker Topics

Examples of selections that might be eligible for continuing education credits follow.

ICM recognizes that sales are a large part of an agent’s everyday activities and therefore sales knowledge and skills are a requirement for agents. While ICM encourages agents to engage in programs or courses as part of their insurance education, it has determined that the focus of continuing education credits will exclude activities such as programs and meetings primarily based on sales production, promotion and motivation.

While the health and welfare of agency employees is of concern in the workplace, it is not the subject for ICM continuing education credits.

Guidelines follow to assist licensees in clarifying whether material meets the definition where the activities include sales production, promotion or motivation.

The focus of the seminar will not be of the following nature:

Partial credits may be applicable to seminars that include the above noted subjects, provided that there is substantial content which relates directly to the topics included in Agent/Broker Topics.

Management Topics

Examples of selections that might be eligible for continuing education credits follow. Remember that these must relate specifically to the insurance business and not general knowledge. For example, an accounting program that relates to reading agency financial statements would be acceptable whereby introduction to general accounting would not meet the requirement.


Planning Management/Continuity

Human Resources


Accounting and Finance